1. Authentic Direct Apparitions

The nature of authentic direct apparitions is that God makes a person (visionary) capable of perceiving the supernatural during the apparition. After the apparition, the visionary does not possess any extraordinary skills. During authentic direct apparitions, God, the Virgin Mary, an angel or someone in heaven such as Moses or Elijah conveys information and perceptions to a visionary directly, always in accordance with God’s design. The messages are true and matter-of-fact in their entirety. Besides the main message for the public, the visionary can get information for himself. The course of the apparition entirely depends on the revealing entity.



We can divide the visionaries’ messages into three parts:

• Messages of a public character with universal applicability. Such pieces of information received directly from God are unchangeable. The visionary reproduces them precisely. God makes him spiritually open for receiving the information within the framework of the apparition. This natural openness can be reduced when receiving information from the Virgin Mary or superior angels due to the influence of negative factors, so that the visionary may slightly distort the received information, but only in unessential areas. Only this type of information is crucial for the authenticity of an apparition.

• Messages meant only for a particular visionary and his personal spiritual growth. Perhaps such an experience could strengthen his trust in the apparition. This type of information is optimised for the particular visionary and there is no reason for generalisation.

• Personal views of a visionary based on information from and impressions of the apparition.

The chief characteristic of authentic direct apparitions is the fact that they bestow the visionary with a very exciting, blissful perception of the presence of the appearing entity. Coincidentally, the visionary experiences within the depth of his soul a special peace and certainty, and the feeling of the greatness, wisdom and love of God. The visionary often has auditory, optical, tactile and olfactory sensory perceptions.

The occurrence of a series of apparitions is usually time-limited. In La Salette, there was one apparition. In Fatima, the Virgin Mary appeared six times. In Lourdes, the Virgin Mary asked Bernadette during the first apparition to come to her for other visions for a period of fifteen days. In Garabandal, the apparitions took place at least once a day, which finished in 1962 for three girls and in 1965 for Conchita. In Medjugorje they occur daily, and after the 10th secret is confided, they will occur once a year, in addition to extraordinary ones. Since 1987, apparitions have always occurred to Mirjana on the second day of every month.

The visionary:

• Is in state of deep ecstasy and when he is in contact with the apparition he does not perceive surrounding events.

• The apparition is not dependent on the spiritual level of the visionary.

• The moment of the beginning and the end of the apparition does not depend on the visionary, who acts passively and does not influence the course and length of the apparition.

• The course of the apparition is fully under the control of the appearing entity.

• Authentic direct apparitions can be sensory and extra-sensory.

1.1 Authentic Direct Sensory Apparitions

During a sensory apparition, the visionary has a sensation of perceiving the course of the apparition through his senses, which means he has feeling that he can see, touch and hear a real being or smell a real fragrance.

The following phenomena belong in this group: Moses in front of the burning bush, the Annunciation, the apparitions in Lourdes, La Salette, Fatima, Garabandal and Medjugorje (for six visionaries).

1.2 Authentic Direct Extra-Sensory Apparitions

In the case of an extra-sensory apparition, the visionary has imaginary (apparent) sensory perceptions, including visual, auditory, olfactory and tactile ones similar to dreams, known as “perceptions in the heart”.

As an example, we can mention the apparition of the Merciful Jesus to Faustyna Kowalska, or the apparition at Medjugorje for Jelena and Marijana.


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