2. Authentic Mixed Apparitions

With this type of apparition, one who acts as a visionary must have the gift of sensibility to perceive spiritual beings. The gift is given by God and will be activated at a certain moment of life. This gift can have a varying extent. The nature of the authentic mixed apparitions is such that the visionary acquires information and perceptions primarily from souls in purgatory and from good angels or from spiritual beings of a lower level which initiate apparitions and can utilise the knowledge of higher spiritual beings, e.g. Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary or a superior angel and saints in heaven. Exceptionally, the visionary can receive pieces of information directly from the superior spiritual beings.



The information given by visionaries experiencing authentic mixed apparitions is mostly truthful but can be distorted and false in insignificant areas. However, the erroneous information should not be detrimental to humanity. Such inaccuracy can be caused not only by the initiator of the apparition, but also by the visionary.

We can divide the visionaries’ messages into three parts:

• Messages of a public character influenced by the personal qualities of the visionary, such as educational background, scope of knowledge or purview, intuition, including insight into the problem, personal partiality and emotions. Furthermore, during the transfer of messages, spirits in purgatory, as well as a visionary’s insufficient knowledge of lower positive angels, can influence essential information from higher spiritual beings. Only this type of information is crucial for the authenticity of apparition.

• Messages intended only for the visionary in order to educate him in the spiritual field and encourage him to trust apparitions. This type of information is optimised for the particular visionary and there is no reason for generalisation.

• Personal views of a visionary based on information from and impressions of the apparition.

These phenomena are called mixed apparitions because the resultant information from higher spiritual beings is influenced and augmented by extra information from lower spiritual beings, human souls in purgatory and, moreover, by the visionary himself.

The chief characteristic of authentic mixed apparitions is that the visionary has imaginal sensorial perception; he experiences a mild ecstasy and perceives the world round him. The visionary can usually communicate with the source of the apparition. The being that initiates the apparition conveys information about the state of affairs and about further logically following development. However, the prediction of some process or event, announced in an apparition, can be changed by the influence of conscious use of a person’s free will. This means that such a prediction cannot be absolutely valid, for the information is communicated from a lower level, which does not encompass all the influences. These apparitions are not limited by time and can last one’s whole life.

The visionary enters a state of light ecstasy, perceiving the surrounding environment. The spiritual state of the visionary is very significant for the effect of the apparition. If the spiritual state worsens considerably, or the expected spiritual growth is not reached, an inauthentic apparition occurs. Transfer of information from the apparition is influenced by the visionary’s prejudices and his preceding upbringing. The visionary can often influence the beginning of the apparition.

Note: St. Catherine of Sienna was so strongly influenced by the medieval assumption of the Dominicans insisting that the Virgin Mary had not been protected against original sin, that she was unable to accept or convey the full extent of her authentic vision. This might be related to the inability to overcome fears regarding possible contradictions with contemporary general opinions, possibly influencing the reception apparatus of the visionary.

Authentic mixed apparitions can be primary and secondary:

2.1 Primary Apparitions

Primary apparitions involve the mediation of information from the source of the apparition (initiator) to the visionary.

Examples: the apparitions to Iveta and Katka at Litmanova, Slovakia, some parts of the apparition for Vassula Ryden and Father Gobbi. Gobbi is more personally interested and looks for information in the informational field. By doing so, he will find more of it, but the human factor could cause imprecision. Vassula has less ability to search in the information field - she is not so interested in the sources of the information, and that is why her pieces of knowledge are more exact.

2.2 Secondary Apparitions

Secondary apparitions involve the mediation of information from a visionary experiencing a direct or mixed apparition to another, so-called “secondary” visionary by way of a subsequent mixed apparition and by the clairvoyant agency of the information field. During this secondary mediation, a greater time shift may occur. As an example, let us mention the fact that about 50 apparitions related to the Lourdes apparitions from 1858 recurred within the following 40 years, or recently, the apparitions in Dechtice, Slovakia, are secondary to Medjugorje’s apparitions.

Supplement to Authentic Mixed Apparitions

Note 1: when we receive information from a mixed apparition and cannot tell whether it is authentic or inauthentic, we should hand it over – to offer as a sacrifice to God through Jesus Christ - and let this information ripen. After this, in the case of an inauthentic apparition, we shall understand the errors or it may happen that their faulty parts will be forgotten by us.

Note 2: as far as mixed apparitions are concerned, the fruit of the apparition depends on the momentary spiritual state of the visionary and on the spiritual state of the receiver of the information. Through the influence of a spiritual or physical indisposition of a visionary or a spiritual indisposition of a receiver, the process of transferring the information can be changed into the condition of inauthentic mixed apparitions. Nevertheless, when the circumstances change, the process may revert to the former positive state. Even if the visionary and the recipient are well-disposed, the truth need not be told in its full entirety since the recipient might be directed to a superfluous activity or to an action harmful to him.



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