Beings Transmitting Information from the Information Field

A meaningful piece of information having some logical integrity can be given by:

1. God
2. Angels, both good and bad
3. Souls in heaven, purgatory or hell and people on Earth

An opinion prevailed in the middle ages that communication with souls in purgatory was not possible until they had purified themselves through passive suffering in the purgatorial fires. However, it seems evident from the knowledge gained during the last centuries that some specific conditions may happen in purgatory binding souls to specific places on the Earth. Sometimes they are permitted by God to have restricted communication with people in these places and suffer real problems related to their terrestrial trip.

The information field is a part of God. Therefore, He monitors it. He is its instigator and keeper. God controls the source of information and enables both spiritual and human beings to access it.

Consider the value of the information from the information field in relation to the mediating entity:

1. God (Christ) provides truthful information. He has absolute knowledge. He knows everything because He created everything according to His will. Therefore, the information field is completely under His control.

2. Angels, who mediate the information for apparitions, access a specific part of the information field according to their mission and spiritual level.

2.1 Good angels discern between true and false information, channelling true information only. They rarely provide non-essential, erroneous information that may positively contribute to the fulfilment of God’s desires, for example, for the purpose of learning through experience without a detrimental effect. For example, an angel informs a visionary that a certain event will occur “soon”. The angel knows that the man can imagine approximately 1 year, but in fact he means 10 years. However, he will not tell about it, because the man could hardly bear such a long period.

2.2 Bad angels intentionally provide false information for their own perverse benefit in opposition to God. To be more effective in deception and confusion, they also give some real information and half-truths.

3. A Human being can provide various types of information during an apparition.

3.1 Human being whose soul is in heaven – provides truthful information like a good angel.

3.2 Human being whose soul is in purgatory – manifests himself only through God’s will. These phenomena have not yet been satisfactorily examined. Given the contemporary development of the world, significant attention should be given to these, since they may clarify some authentic or inauthentic apparitions and visions. It seems that they take part in many events and enable one to explain some inaccuracies in the so-called authentic mixed apparitions and the origin of some inauthentic apparitions, which are not evoked by an evil spirit.

According to its knowledge, a soul in purgatory tries to give good information. Unfortunately, because it retains free will and human imperfection, it can consequently give wrong information. Generally, a soul in purgatory provides true information. Furthermore it may provide mildly distorted information and false information, but it also relays its assumptions. While doing this, the soul apparently believes that it is acting correctly. Gradually, the souls in purgatory can learn from the resulting unpropitious impacts upon people on Earth, and so purify themselves.

There is a considerable influence of a soul in purgatory on the terrestrial life and it will probably increase during the coming time of spiritual decline before transition into a new spiritual era.

It is necessary to realise that the soul in purgatory is influenced by its previous terrestrial life and experience gained on the Earth. That is why it often has great desires for material things and seeks to fulfil these longings through the assistance of people on Earth, not only through apparitions but also through influencing sensitive people. The realisation of such targeted acts is dangerous not only for the soul in purgatory by prolonging the process of purification, but also for people on Earth. When such mistaken actions, suggested to the soul by an evil spirit, are realised, then not only a sensitive person or visionary is affected, but also the soul in purgatory itself suffers serious consequences for its actions, as it enters into a more painful purification state. A visionary is a person who gets information directly or indirectly from a superior spiritual being or an inferior spiritual being, occasionally from a human soul in purgatory.

Visionaries and sensitive people may contact souls in purgatory without being aware of it, but such contact may cause damage that is not immediately self-evident. Visionaries experience states of extraordinary lucidity that are not fabricated or hallucinatory. Due to inexperience and initial ignorance, they may not discern which spiritual entity communicates with them. Since these perceptions are rational, they believe them. Therefore, it is necessary to study these particular contacts over a long period of time to determine their potential usefulness. Generally, contact with souls in purgatory is not recommended. Nevertheless, it is possible to accept requests for help for souls in purgatory through Masses and prayers.

Presently, in this time of moral decline, souls in purgatory will be trying, according to God's desires, to manipulate sensitive people in order to accomplish what they have not managed to on earth. This results in a quicker but more painful purification process for the souls in purgatory and sensitive people on Earth. Notwithstanding, true believers are protected from the negative effect of this contact in accordance with the depth of their faith.

For anyone on Earth who is sensitive to various inspirations and perceptions or is even susceptible to visions or apparitions, it is necessary to avoid pride, domineering behaviour and especially the ambition to have an extraordinary life. That is why he must do self-purification more often through protective means such as deepening of humility, heartfelt prayer, confession and spiritual exercises.

3.3 Human being whose soul is in hell – similarly to bad angels, intentionally gives false information with negative consequences, endangering those not protected.

3.4 Person on earth as the entity providing information to a visionary or sensitive individual has rather limited possibilities to access the informational field. Although the events experienced by the person are transferred into the information field without restriction, the visionary is able to draw information only on the basis of clairvoyance or through other spiritual beings during an apparition or hypersensitivity. Furthermore, the visionary can draw this information in the natural order, e.g. by verbal or written communication, that means only on the basis of human experience and knowledge stored in the information field or gained through the natural acquisition of human knowledge from other entities. In such a manner one can transfer pieces of information to another person, occasionally to a visionary who is able to take over the information on the basis of telepathy.

After these considerations we can proceed with the classification of authentic and inauthentic apparitions to subdivide them further.


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