Danger Coming from Inauthentic Apparitions

Direct apparitions, whether sensory or extra-sensory, occur rarely. In most cases, we encounter mixed apparitions which are, nevertheless, predominantly inauthentic. Let us recall an important thing: in case only one piece of relevant information in an apparition is untrue or erroneous, then the apparition is inauthentic. 

People who have become interested in apparitions (the number of these people is increasing and the number of apparitions is going to increase, too), mostly do not realise this and act in just an opposite manner. If they find out that there is some true information in an apparition or find that part of an apparition is in accordance with the theological teaching of the church, they are convinced of the authenticity of the whole apparition and then vehemently and often even unyieldingly defend its authenticity.

Some people are confused by the fact that the visionary himself firmly believes in the authenticity of his apparition and during apparitions also experiences a real state of concentration. The visionary has a reason to believe in the authenticity of the apparition because he feels that something exceptional is happening to him, something that on many occasions has not even been induced by him, and sees that some of the testimonies are good. But he alone is in most cases unable to assess the value of the information, especially in the initial phase. Only an expert on these phenomena, who has received a good theological education, can do so.

Belief in the authenticity of an apparition is often considerably strengthened in the case when one also experiences some special phenomenon in connection with the apparition. Such a phenomenon, a visual one for example, can occur through the intervention of God (in the case of an authentic apparition). In the case of inauthentic apparitions, one can experience special phenomena through fantasy or suggestibility, which enables him to take over such a perception from another person who is either experiencing the phenomenon in real time or experienced it earlier, possibly at a location of authentic apparitions. Only on the basis of effects and consequences is it possible to find out whether the phenomenon is authentic or inauthentic.

For instance, we can understand unfavourable consequences of inauthentic apparitions from the following examples: a visionary announces calls to prayer, conversion, fasting and similar. People understand these calls are good and they believe in this apparition. Then, the visionary will, for instance, say that the Second Vatican Council erred when it made it possible to turn the sacrificial table towards the people and to remove the lattice for kneeling down in front of the altar. This piece of information can seemingly look like encouragement for greater perfection. People who are so informed will begin to criticise priests and church superiors with the assumption that these “teachers” of the faith have fallen into bad ways. Gossip and tension result.

Yet another visionary can claim that it is necessary to show respect to the Eucharist during Holy Communion by receiving it on one’s knees as it was done in the past; then, people will begin to promote this approach in practise, often quite demonstratively, with uneasiness and irritability resulting.

It is necessary to realise that the aforementioned religious practices are only forms of worship, which the Church can change. The Virgin Mary never stands up against the decisions of the Church. It is completely clear that it is necessary to deepen respect for the Eucharist. There is never enough of this respect. However, as far as unusual forms of worship are concerned, it is necessary to proceed tactfully and rather secretly. Respect for the Eucharist can be shown by such practices as longer fasting before Holy Communion. It is interesting that many people do not accept secret forms of extraordinary religious expressions while accepting demonstrative forms.

All people more or less clearly understand that mankind is getting into a difficult situation and there is an increase in uneasiness and nervousness. The evil spirit needs to intensify this tension for sin, schism and the revolt against God to come about. For this purpose he finds inauthentic apparitions to be most suitable. If everything in them were confusing, nobody would believe them. However, when they contain calls for prayer and for conversion, people will believe them and they will equally believe other things which seemingly strive toward a more perfect life, but in reality cause disruption in people’s spiritual lives and disregard for authentic apparitions. On the other hand, the Virgin Mary strives for tranquillity and peace in her apparitions. She reproaches us for our wrong way of life objectively and tactfully on a general level.


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