4. Inauthentic Mixed Apparitions

With this type of apparition the visionary must have the gift of sensitivity from God. This gift appears at a certain time in his life.

The nature of inauthentic mixed apparitions is borne out in a situation in which the visionary predominantly acquires information from souls in purgatory at an inferior level, and in some instances from negative angels of an inferior level and souls in hell. At the same time, these spiritual beings initiating the apparition make use of information from some negative angels at a superior level, including Satan, as well as information from good spiritual entities. That is why we call apparitions of such type inauthentic mixed apparitions.



Information conveyed by a person (visionary) usually consists of three parts:

• Messages meant for the public. Such a message usually contains significantly wrong and confusing information that is very harmful for people. Sometimes a soul in purgatory at a lower level becomes the source of such information “when hell breaks loose”. Consequently, people receiving the information suffer, and the soul in purgatory has the opportunity to be purged from its own sins through repentance for it. It is also necessary to keep in mind that information given by apparitions of this type can be influenced by the personal qualities of the visionary, e.g. by his educational background, purview and intuition, his foreknowledge of the problem, personal involvement and emotions. Only this type of information can prove an apparition to be inauthentic.

• Messages and half-truths addressed to the visionary to win his trust in apparitions, usually implicitly promoting his haughtiness and conceit.

• Personal views of a person (the visionary) based on apparitions.

The messages of the visionaries are mixed, indicating that except for some significant false information dangerous to man, they also contain some valid information to confuse him. Although God’s gift of sensitivity is perfect in itself, it varies according to the individual visionary or sensitive person, depending on his depth of spirituality. God’s gift is ideal, but having various width and depth among various people, it can be abused by the decision of one’s free will and also by the visionary’s erroneous actions. In the event of great misuse through an imperfect decision based on free will or erroneous actions, God’s power intervenes. Free abuse of God’s gift mostly concerns the situation when God’s Son has not been accepted as one’s Personal Saviour. A person’s hunger for personal recognition causes this behaviour. Wilful abuse consists of repeated non-sacrificing of this talent through Jesus Christ.

The chief characteristic is that the visionary has at least partially fictitious, imaginary (seeming) sensorial perception and at the same time the transferred information is false in some relevant aspects and is detrimental to people. The apparitions are not usually limited by time (they can last during one’s whole life). The visionary can communicate with the source of the apparition and ask questions.

The visionary is in a state of a moderately light ecstasy, but he perceives the surrounding environment. Sometimes he is able to influence the beginning of the apparition. The content of the apparition is influenced by his prejudices, upbringing, and current spiritual state.

Note 1: during such apparitions the Virgin Mary does not appear. If the visionary proclaims that he sees her, he deludes himself. The visionary frequently perceives what he desires.

Note 2: mixed apparitions may give partial information, which in itself is completely true, but in its entire context may come out negatively to the injury of man. It is necessary to monitor the apparition's effect on the surroundings and the visionary himself.

Inauthentic mixed apparitions can be primary and secondary:

4.1 Primary Apparitions

As far as primary apparitions are concerned, they pertain to the direct transfer of information from the source (initiator) of the inauthentic mixed apparition to the visionary.

Examples: The visionary Little Pebble (Australia), the apparition at Olawa, Poland.
Although there are some calls for prayers and conversion in these apparitions, there is also condemnatory criticism concerning alterations in the rite (turning the sacrificial table so that it would face the people, administration of the holy sacrament into hands, limited use of Latin in the liturgy). Apart from this, there are various predictions, exhortations to fanatical devotion and furtherance of pride and rebelliousness.

4.2 Secondary Apparitions

Secondary apparitions involve the mediation of information from the visionary experiencing the primary apparition to a secondary visionary on the basis of a subsequent mixed apparition and clairvoyance through the information field.


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