Information from Apparitions

Righteousness of Information

The classification of various types of apparitions has been made taking into consideration the following pieces of knowledge.

At first, the information gained by the visionaries during the apparitions should be classified according to its truthfulness:

1. Completely true information
2. Mostly true information, but some insignificant things are distorted or partially false. However, these are not substantially detrimental to people
3. Some information is true, but important points are deliberately false and highly detrimental to people
4. Completely false information that is detrimental to people

Ways of Getting Information

From what kind of beings do the visionaries receive their information? Generally, let it be assumed that all the information originates from a universal information field created and monitored by God, containing all information about the past, present and future. Anyone who gains access to this field from God may obtain portions of it.

Within this field, there are germs of specific events that instigate certain programmes forming the future. According to the strength of the influences that formulate this “future”, an image emerges that is generalised or precise which is more or less precisely fulfilled. Nevertheless, these preconditions of future development are constantly changing, causing the image of the future to alter correspondingly. If there is a weak influence on the future, the future may radically change.

It is important to note that every spiritual being which gives a person who perceives it some information and every person (clairvoyant) who draws from the information field gains a piece of knowledge that becomes obsolete at the very moment of its transfer. For this reason, knowledge or prognoses change in the course of time. The strength of the influence causes the current situation to change. If the influence is weak, the prediction will be fulfilled; if strong, the predicted event may not happen. This principle can be used for the reversal of unfavourable predictions.

In the communication of a prediction, such as during an apparition, it is very significant which spiritual being gives the information on the present and the future. The higher the level of the spiritual being, the greater is the view of the future that is channelled from the information field. Thus, a higher spiritual being mediating the information has a more objective view, for it perceives a broader spectrum of influences.

Such a higher being is able to reckon on more influences changing the essential information and can readjust the resulting information on the basis of this. The lower the level of the spiritual being mediating the information, the less complex view it has, since it can embrace fewer circumstances. Therefore, judgements regarding the development of the future or some problem are less objective.

Dispositions for different, real events exist within the information field, but whether they are true or false is dependent on who receives and uses the information as well as how it is used.

By the influence of one’s own decision, acquisition of knowledge from the information field may be performed in two ways, depending on the special qualities (God’s gifts) of man:

On the principle of one’s spiritual sensitivity

This spiritual sensitivity enables an individual to perceive perceptions from spiritual beings such as the Virgin Mary, good or evil angels and souls of the deceased, who get the information from the information field. A sensitive individual receives the information through the spiritual beings, but as he often lacks knowledge about its importance and does not have all information on the given topic, he can significantly distort the consequence of the action or the state of affairs. Transfer of this knowledge and the consequence depend on the spiritual level of the visionary (a sensitive person) and greatness of the gift.

Example: a young lady prays for her successful marriage. She has an opportunity to ask a person with the gift of sensitivity about it. This individual says that she will get married within a year. He has this information from a spiritual being. If this person and this spiritual being are at a high level, they get the information from the information field with the mention that she should still intensively pray. The young lady, then, prays, and the event comes true. However, if the information is received through a person and a spiritual being of a lower level, she cannot know how important the intensive praying is. The young lady only has information about her marriage within one year, so she may not pray any more, and the event may not come true. Or, she need not ask about her future, she may continually pray, and the event comes true. Nevertheless, information from a spiritually skilled person can encourage her to pray.

On the principle of one’s clairvoyance

A clairvoyant precisely sees greater or lesser parts of events or a process and, occasionally, the final result, but he or she may not properly express the state. Transfer of this knowledge depends on the greatness of gifts and on the recipient’s ability to express the perception or the development of events seen and described. The clairvoyant does not work with spiritual beings.

Example: a man suffering from indefinite stomach aches calls his friend who is a healer and clairvoyant. This clairvoyant concentrates and then says “You have sand in your kidney. You must drink a special tea.” In three weeks the patient calls again because after drinking the tea to alleviate the aches he feels better, but his principal ailments are persisting. The clairvoyant concentrates and then exclaims that the main ailment was in the urinary duct due to a little stone wedged there. “Drink tea, beer and be in motion!” he says. Indeed, in 14 days the ailment disappears.

Discussion: formerly, the clairvoyant spoke about the kidney. That was true, but it was not the main cause of the ailment. He found out the cause only after thinking of the patient’s state as a whole.

Note: when a clairvoyant determines the location of the ailment in the body, he may tell the truth. However, the main cause may be somewhere else. It can be found out only after further concentration.

Nevertheless, when a sensitive person with spiritual intuition speaks about the location of the disease, his diagnosis can be completely mistaken. It depends on the spiritual being through which he receives the information from the information field.

We shall not assign such information to the realm of “classical apparitions”. However, we will speak about them in the chapter on clairvoyant visions.

Apart from this, people are exceptionally able to get information from the information field even when they do not possess any special capabilities (gifts). They cannot, however, evoke the process on their own.

The information available on the basis of God’s direct influence on a person

God makes man perceive the supernatural during apparitions. After the termination of each apparition, a person has no exceptional skills. In this way, information is provided directly by God or the Virgin Mary and superior positive angels, but sometimes also by negative angels.

Presently, we are going to focus on the beings which transmit information from the information field.


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