In order to better understand the phenomena of apparitions and visions, it is useful to understand how during these processes the information transfer occurs. The revelations occur in various grades of depth of ecstasy, whereas the visions take place in a state of vigilance.

In these cases the information are obtained from the source of information, they are transmitted through the process of information transfer and they find their application in the end of the information transfer.

The source of information can be:

1. Higher spiritual beings. From them the information are transmitted to the end through direct revelation or they are transmitted through lower spiritual beings; they can be also perceived by the persons who have a sensitivity to the spiritual beings (those people are capable of perceiving the supernatural reality).
2. The bio-psychological-physical reality. It is perceived (registered) and transmitted through the clairvoyancy, through human bio-physical field or by the spiritual beings.

The process of the information transfer from the source of information can take place:

1. Through direct revelation. A spiritual source transmits information to the end in the ecstasy of the recipient who is the target of information. The ecstasy is evoked by the higher spiritual being.
2. Through lower spiritual beings (including the souls in purgatory) who transmit information from the source to the end. The target is a person having the capacity to perceive the supernatural reality.
3. Through a person who has sufficiently strong bio-physical field that is able to interact, through a lower ecstasy, with the source of information and to transmit them to the end.
4. Through the clairvoyancy during which a person sees, describes and transmits the information to the end.

The aim of transmitted information:

1. Human mind (new knowledge in the social, scientific, technical, artistic, and cultural field).
2. Human spirituality (theology, religious expressions).
3. Human health (diagnosis, treatment methods).
4. Physical phenomena and human interests (natural phenomena and disasters, search for water).

Schematic Representation of the Information Transfer in the Revelations and Visions

The scheme of the information transfer: source – transfer – end.

1. Bio-physical reality is transmitted through:

1.1. Clairvoyancy, with the aim to:
1.1.1. Inform the human mind (for example the visions of blessed K. Emmerich)
1.1.2. Inform the human spirituality (revelations and visions of St. Father Pio)
1.1.3. Inform the human health (visions of Father Fr. Ferda)
1.1.4. Inform the people about the physical processes (the forecast of disasters – for instance the floods in Prague)

1.2. Bio-physical field, through which it:
1.2.1. Informs people about health (some healers who have this field)
1.2.2. Informs people about the physical processes (search for water using a divining rod)

1.3. Spiritual beings, where a spiritual being:
1.3.1. Informs people about the human mind
1.3.2. Informs people about spirituality
1.3.3. Informs people about health
1.3.4. Informs people about the physical processes

2. Higher spiritual beings transfer information in the following ways:

2.1. Direct revelation. The visionary does not have any parapsychological gift. The source of revelation imprints to the recipient information:
2.1.1. about the human mind (as a part of the revelation)
2.1.2. about the human spiritual conditions (Lourdes, La Salette, Fatima)
2.1.3. about the human health (as a part of the revelation)
2.1.4. about the physical processes (for example alarm and miracle in Garabandal, four disasters reported in the revelations of Medjugorje)

2.2. Mixed revelation. The visionary has the gift of perception of the supernatural reality.
2.2.1. Lower angels get information from higher angels, but the recipient who is a person with sensitivity to the spiritual beings can add (without being aware of it) information from low positive spiritual beings or from negative angels, or he or she can transfer ideas from other people. For example there was a visionary having a gift of perception of the supernatural reality who communicated information from a mixed revelation, adding perceptions which were taking place in the head of a priest who was close to her.

The final information can regard the mind, the human spiritual condition and the human health, or the physical events.
This case is very frequent and confuses inexpert people. They, on the basis of positive information from the revelation believe at the same time also in the negative information. They then, in good faith, promote also negative information from the revelation. In such a way contradictions arise, which is the aim of the evil spirit.


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