Previous Assessment of “Private” Revelations

According to the previous conception, a revelation is an event in which God unfolds religious truths. We can divide it into natural revelation, which involves the whole creation and primarily expects the voice of conscience to give evidence of the eternal almighty Creator and Lord, and supernatural revelation, which is realised directly when God speaks to man. Supernatural revelation can be implemented through an angel, the Virgin Mary or a prophet, them being mouthpieces of God. 

We call a revelation addressed to all mankind a public revelation. According to the doctrine of the Church, the era of public revelation - revelation of God or theophany - addressed to all the people in the world ended with the death of the last living apostle.

A private revelation or private apparition contains information for certain persons. It cannot become an official guideline for the Church. The Church may examine it only if there are extraordinary reasons; it was so, for example, in the case of Lourdes. Some apparitions also became impulses to revive some devotions; for instance, devotion to Lord’s Sacred Heart.


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