What is "Reiki" like?

     In the article it is shown that by word „reiki“ oftenly two completely different processes are understood. One is purely biophysical. The other has spiritual character, but with very dissimilar quality. This can concern processes ranging from autosuggestive up to supernatural God´s operating.

     For word “reiki”, which has recently spread in our country, the Dictionary of Neologisms (Academia Prague Publishers, 1998) states that it is treatment of persons with help of hands’ laying on them, when cosmic energy harmonizes inner state of human personality with surrounding environment. Reiki is able to stimulate debilitated organism effectively; it is method of energy transferring. End of quotation.

     This characterization, which causes confusion among many people, requires giving a few notes for explanation.

     It is necessary to make difference between two completely dissimilar ways of treatment during which hands are laid on man. In both cases hands do not have to be in tight contact with man, but can be from him at some distance.

     In the first case, formerly named as human magnetism, healer lays his hands on person, or, as the case may be, moves hands close to him, then, after some time, let us say, after period from 10 to 20 minutes or, after one day it comes to recovery. In some cases this operating, applied on person who is cured, must be repeated and in such way state of health is to be gradually improved.

     To the above mentioned case it is necessary to say that the nature of healing is based on the fact that some individuals (about 5 per cent people) have an especially strong vitality which produces strong biophysical field round body, in particular round limbs. This field is composed of fields of individual cells. Healthy individual has these partial fields tending towards the only one direction. Individuals having this field especially strong need usually less sleep and are physically efficient. This ability is necessary and important particularly for sportsmen.

     Ordinary people have this field of individual cells weaker, and therefore they also have weaker overall biophysical field. If an organ has fallen ill, on the top of that there occurs disharmony in the setting of direction of dipolar moments of individual cells (partial dipolar moments have different directions), and through this there comes to weakening of whole field of human body. If man with strong field has operated on diseased spot, individual cells’ dipoles of diseased spot are inductively set to tend towards one direction and by this the process of recovery is achieved. If the cause of illness stopped existing already, recovery can come almost immediately.

     According to present scientific knowledge this curative therapy is suitable for such types of illnesses, which are conditional on inflammatory processes, further for diseases connected with spasms (some types of illnesses of backbone and heart, spasmodic diseases) and illnesses of nervous system including the state of exhaustion. The enlargement of blood vessels and perfusion also takes place during this curative process.

     During application on inflammatory processes it is necessary to take into consideration that in the case of granulomas (e. g. in the case of teeth) a painful reaction can come in several hours after curative operation, which is not hindrance to curative process. As far as disease of nerves is concerned patient feels very well immediately after operation, but in case the cause of illness persists, then in a day or two he is in the same situation as before.

     Sometimes it happens that some people do not know of having this gift but they use it. E. g. mother lays her hands on sick child and then his pain will cease or he will calm down and will fall asleep. Therefore the child goes with his pains to his mother and asks her to lay her hands on head or on diseased spot.

     This curative process does not represent any energy’s transferring, it represents only induction as it is case of permanent magnet which makes soft iron magnet. The energy of permanent magnet’s field is not diminished by this. Here is not necessary to make up assumptions that this energy has its origin in universe. Healer can be tired of moving his hands but not of loss of his own energy. Healer gets rid of a certain unpleasant feeling in hands immediately after washing his hands in cold water.

     For realization of treatment with help of this first method of healing the healer must have from his birth strong physical aptitude which cannot be gained by practise. Various people can have this ability, even if they do not know about it and can start healing, e. g. in 5 minutes after obtaining of instruction. Sufficient is to lay hands on person and to let them remain in rest. After a while, healer without trying to concentrate on thoughts, only strives for calming down, he begins to feel e. g. warmth in palms or “pins and needles”, the pressing on his hands and in such way curative process has begun.

     If person has aptitude to heal with help of the above mentioned talent he does not have to believe in any cosmic energy, he does not have to believe even in God and to admit that has this talent from God. Nevertheless, in this case there has been spread such an opinion, which says that healer’s negative influences are transmisible on person who is under cure. But this view is baseless because healing is realized through biophysical process and that means - not through spiritual way. Negative influences of such healer could be transmissible only by “normal contact” (by showing of erroneous opinion, by propagation of negative activity, by underestimation of religious practises) not by the influence of healing. But if someone is spiritually unstable, let him prefer to avoid such ways of healing (see Romans, 14, 2-4). The important thing is that this is not case, in which devil would cooperate.

     In the second curative therapy it seems that physical recovery of organism is achieved by spiritual way. Futher we will show that this is true only in some cases. This principle has been known from time immemorial and originally it was explained on the basis of mythological supposition saying that it is spiritual power of unknown deity, which comes from universe and heals. This method of healing is oftenly categorized by word “reiki”. In these days this healing spiritual power is named cosmic energy. Nevertheless, such categorization does not say anything about nature or source of this power - energy.

     Modification in word connection, i. e. the word connection “spiritual power”, which now has been replaced and changed to some “cosmic energy” brings confusion because up to the present popular word energy is used when speaking about material processes (field, material). There does not exist any indication, however small it may be that material or field would interact with soul and spiritual world. What, in reality, could all this be about?

     First of all, let us think as in past centuries when it was understood that word reiki is dependent on spiritual power. But the source of spiritual power can be only thinking being and that is God, angels (positive, negative) and human being. Neither animal, plant, mineral substance nor elementary particle can produce spiritual power.

     Now, secondly, let us think over the origin of spiritual power with regard to the development of world. At the beginning of development of human society the idea of necessity of perfecter being than man was accepted and was hypothetically called deity. However, in fact, gods did not exist and so, in reality, deity could not be source of spiritual power for recuperation. Then, in case a person had been invoking gods and there developed certain healing spiritual power its source could be only either so far undiscovered God (about this source we will talk later) and his angelical helpers or, devil or man himself.

     Devil can bring his influence to bear on healing in such a case, when he was consciously challenged to cooperate with healer and at the same time with person who is cured or in case person who undergoes treatment is at conscious and serious discord with God’s order or when according to God’s plan patient was exposed to devil’s influence for gaining some good (e. g. enlightment on something or bringing a sacrifice). But, in this last case God gives strength to overcome the effects of devil’s operating. Nevertheless, during devil’s operating in conditions as stated above, it will be revealed that the cure was either seemingly successful or, as the case may be, there will be proved negative consequences of such curing.

     In case the source of spiritual power was man, he did not have to be aware of this fact at all, because he could presume that spiritual power had been springing from “deity” challenged by him. But fictitious man’s belief in “deity” could awake in such healer certain energy and the same it is till today. Consequently healer, by invoking “deity” or, - in his opinion some up to now unknown cosmic energy, he operates on himself autosuggestively and by this he provides possibility of development and operating of the energy on patient by the process of which consequently can occur physical recovery. Oftenly such result is weak in most cases, dependent on power of suggestive ability of healer. In case healer without his own fault has not found God yet, but consciously strives for good, curative effect can be reinforced considerably by God’s help through God´s operating on patient.

     Further forms of curing in spiritual way take place in the period when the chosen people - Jews - accepted, that there exists the only one and concrete God who was communicating with their nation. This real God might have been the source of spiritual power which was greater than man could have at disposal. Having been known Christ, it was possible to gain far more greater spiritual power especially by the effect of the Holy Ghost.

     Then, if someone has not known God yet, can also cure with help of suggestive energy which he produces, but it is imperfect with small number of permanent positive effects. But in case man became believer in God, and if he became even Christian, then it is a great step backwards if he has begun to believe in so far unknown cosmic energy by which he ignores God who is the only source of life and all creative energy.

     Mystical and mysterious meditations and pictures supplementing the theory about cosmic healing energy cause that some people get excited and their curiosity is awaken. By this they create certain darkening of the fundamental and make harder development of man’s obtaining of knowledge about true fundamental of creation of universe, God. But, in a sense, for people to whom spiritual sphere is very distant and who completely set their heart on material interests, the hypothesis about cosmic energy can bring something positive and can awaken interest in spiritual and religious aspects of life.

     In case there comes noticeable success in curing of people who believe only in some cosmic energy, it is usually more probable in combination with gift of healing as described above in the first way of curing, but these “healers” are usually unable to differentiate between these two entirely different principles of restoring to health. Nevertheless, in addition to that, there are even such cases when “healers” believing in some spiritual energy purposely clothe information about healing in a garment of mysteriousness because of admiration and acquisitiveness.


     As a result, it is necessary to point out that the first way of curing has not anything in common with spirituals, and as it ensues from, anything in common with devil too, and it can be carried out only by such person, who was given natural talent of having strong biophysical field. This power cannot be acquired by some spiritual and physical exercises, but there only comes to its diminishment which was caused by an illness or psychic excitement. The second method of curing - the curing in spiritual way - has various levels.

     Perhaps its lowest level, in case we talk about spiritual cosmic energy, which, as mentioned above, in this sense of word, does not exist, and it is mostly small energy dependent on suggestive thoughts’ transfer and produced by healer himself, we could probably describe with help of word “reiki”. Naturally, resulting effect can be strengthened on the one hand by the effects of biophysical field, further, on the other hand, curative effect can be considerably strengthened by God in case healer without his own fault did not find God but strives consciously for good.

     It is important to realize that the more spiritually purified the healer is, the more easily he can transfer his thoughts or willpower - no matter where. That means: the less man is tied down to material, the more easily permeates through material.

     During treatment by his willpower healer stimulates disharmonious body’s points of patient. Probably it concerns especially such points that have close connection with routes and points of the acupuncture.

     This treatment of body, in the process of which there comes to physical relief; is helpful to person’s spiritual development and it awakes in him useful feeling of gratitude. It is ideal if healer knowns God’s truths and on this occasion he gives them over to person who is under cure. Without this, any curing loses its sense because it prolongs developmental way to God.
     But higher levels of treatment, in which the spiritual power is employed for them and its source is really existing God, Christ, Holy Ghost, differ in quality, and also in quantity; are significantly stronger and pure and the most effective ones. Mediation of this power can be done by everybody and her greatness is dependent on strength and purity of faith in God and intensity of praying to Him. A certain kind of this process of curing we can describe as charisma, which is special gift from God and is accompanied by exceptional effects. In these cases healer through prayer entreats God for curing and God works on patient´s soul in spiritual way and through this doing He cures his body.

     During this spiritual method of treatment when we approach real God with request for help there can also be used in addition to that natural healing operation by biophysical field and direct suggestive operation on patient, too.

     Further it is necessary to draw attention to the fact, that even this pure spiritual way is not universal and in most cases curing of people by natural means is God’s plan. But even in this case it is in place to pray and to make request to God who enables to direct optimally the curing with natural resources.


     Some people are very enthusiastic about alternative methods of treatment, while others, on the other hand, are great opponents to them saying that it is work of satan. How should an ordinary man view these methods?

     If someone has prejudices against curing with bioenergy, it is correct to say that in this case devil cannot practically manifest himself and that on many occasions this method brings contribution to the treatment because, the stabilization of bioenergetic field surrounding man’s body, which is absolutely essential for his health, is performed only with great difficulties by classical medicine.

     On the other hand, if people very propagate this method of treatment, then they should know that this method brings contribution only to treatment of certain types of diseases.

     If we would resolutely discourage people from this curative method, then these healers and also their patients would not let themselves to be discouraged, because of having feeling that this method is beneficial and they would stop believing the clergy, who criticize them, even in their opinions on religious matters and that is very harmful. And moreover, it is good that person with strong biophysical field and wishing to cure with help of this field does in this way because he uses God’s gift not only for his own bigger physical efficiency but also as help for his neighbour.

     A certain positive result of curing, based on word’s content, and on suggestive power of thoughts which harmonize man, can also be useful, but for this it is also necessary to accept this fact of God’s help and cooperation with Him.

     If we consider curative method executed through exclusively spiritual way, it must be understood that solely God who does exist can cure but not any “cosmic energy” which does not exist.

     It is appropriate to say that man should undergo first of all classical medical treatment and for this reason he also has health insurance. But there exist cases when it is purposeful to make use of alternative medicine, e. g. in case it is necessary for time reasons or, when classical medicine did not bring recuperation whether it was caused on grounds of ignorance or a certain lack of interest (physicians and nurses are given little money etc.). Here below let us state typical cases which really happened.

     1. The wedding feast is just in full swing. All of sudden grandmother has collapsed and falls on the table and becomes gradually grey in the face. An experienced sick nurse runs up to her and announces that her pulse is imperceptible and heart probably stopped beating. Medical aid is called over the phone immediately. Meanwhile, grandmother is laid flat, the restart of heart’s functioning is attempted, and face and chest are washed with water, but any improvement is not achieved. One of the wedding guests runs up telling that has a certain bioenergetic field in his hands and even though he has no experience with it, will try to revive her. Grandmother is seated in chair. The man operates with his hands for a while close to chest, next while close to head and repeats this operation. In his hands he feels distinct warmth, and in about three or four minutes beats of pulse can be felt and grey colour disappears from face, in next moment grandmother opens her eyes and in next 5 minutes grandmother begins to talk. In a quarter of hour there arrives ambulance and doctor sees that grandmother is in good condition but she takes her to hospital, from which she is discharged after several hours.

     2. Patient has sat down in dental chair at the dentist and listens to doctor’s telephone discussion with her colleague, in which she tells him about her helpness. She has four teeth which are abscessed and inflamed and there is no remedy which would help getting rid of this trouble. Even she was changing the antibiotics and increased the dosage about a half greater than it had been recommended as the maximum. She says: “Nothing has helped me and I will have to have these teeth extracted.”

     After finishing call the patient tells her: “Doctor, probably I could arrange healing for you.” Doctor says: “You don’t say. Surely I hope I know what is possible in medicine!” Patient: “I know colleague at work who will hold his hands against the teeth and then the inflammations will disappear. I can bring him here for you in half an hour.” Doctor close on shock: “I don’t believe it, but I am willing to try up no matter what it is.”

     Healer arrived in half an hour. He was operating with his hands on her teeth round mouth for about 15 minutes and said that it was probably case of granulomas and that there could come to painful reaction in several hours. In such case she should take painkilling pills.

     In the evening teeth of doctor began to ache very much. She took pills. Neither the day after which was Saturday, nor even later she suffered from any pain. On Monday morning she had her roentgenograms made and it was found out that there were not any granulomas and abscesses. She went into raptures and during two days for the man who had arranged the healing she made two teeth with crowns including plugs, which she had to put into teeth’s roots.

     3. An successful engineer, fifty year old man had had two heart attacks and doctors recommended him retirement. He was offered a healing by bioenergy. Even though he had not believed it, he tried it for three times and already after first bioenergetic operation his state of health improved very much and he worked actively till normal usual date of retirement.

     The three examples which had been mentioned above were cases of patients admitting that God perhaps exists. The healer was consciously leading religious life and after successful healing intervention his patients got to know about his faith and it had positive effect on them. If someone told that healer: “It is the work of the devil, do not do it!”, firstly he would not tell the truth, and secondly, in addition to this, people under cure would be deprived of encouraging information about God.

     And so prudence is in place as far as these unusual methods are concerned, but it is necessary to be able to make difference between them and not to think naively that it comes to the same thing - because it is all from devil!

František Mráček


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