There often occur special phenomena in places of apparitions or at otherwise spiritually important places. These phenomena are either authentic, creating a feeling of a close presence of God which is accompanied by spiritual gifts, or inauthentic, causing emotional excitement and longings, fear and boasting.

Authentic Phenomena

Character of special authentic phenomena:

These can be visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory perceptions. The following examples occur in Medjugorje: solar phenomena, development of a silhouette of the Virgin Mary (at Krizevac, at Podbrdo, in the church), rotation of the cross at Krizevac, a special scent in the church and its surroundings (especially at the time of the apparition, during a meeting with visionaries) and special phenomena in the sky. In other locations of apparitions these phenomena include cases of weeping statues and pictures. These occur in places of authentic apparitions.

Nature of special authentic phenomena:

The phenomena are caused by God’s special supernatural intervention or, according to God’s plan, by a set of exceptional processes which contemporary science is unable to explain.
These phenomena take place following God’s plan in a subjective or objective manner. Objective processes can be physically detected (e.g. a weeping statue or picture).

Influences fostering development of authentic special phenomena:

The development of the phenomenon is supported, for example, by prayer from the heart, sacrifices and fasting offered out of love to God, the patient bearing of one’s life cross and doing one’s duties with devotion.

Consequences of authentic special phenomena:

These phenomena are accompanied by a feeling of God’s closeness, by a joyful thrill accompanied by a feeling of peace in the heart, exceptional gifts of the Holy Spirit, a great blessing from God and an endeavour to live in a more perfect way. Through this phenomenon man gains the gift of faith and tranquillity, or, his faith grows deeper. Such a phenomenon is usually a gift for encouragement or for the patient bearing of life’s difficulties, or encouragement for conversion.

Inauthentic Phenomena

Character of special inauthentic phenomena:

These can be visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory perceptions. These phenomena can occur at locations of authentic but also inauthentic apparitions.

The nature of special inauthentic phenomena:

This is a released ability to perceive exceptional perceptions produced by human factors or by negative spiritual beings. It is necessary to include sensitivity to the reception of suggestively emitted perceptions, auto-suggestion, taking drugs and man’s pathological mental states under human factors.

Influences fostering development of special inauthentic phenomena:

Things that foster the phenomena include exaggerated and emotional piousness, excessive fasting and inappropriate asceticism, pathological longing for sensations, drastic mortification provoked by pride, cutting out a regular intake of medicine, fanaticism, emotional apostolic longings and tension coming from concealed sins.

Consequences of the inauthentic phenomena:

The consequences of the special inauthentic phenomenon are emotional excitement, fear and anxiety, an unsatisfied longing for further experiences, loss of peace and tranquillity and a tendency to boast about these phenomena and to magnify them.

Phenomena under investigation

Besides the already mentioned special phenomena, there are also other phenomena, e.g. prophetic dreams, visions, movements of statues and objects, bilocation and other ones, which must be investigated and placed into further groups.


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