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“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (J 8, 32), says Jesus Christ.

Not only in the Middle Ages but also nowadays are spread groundless and distorted views on e. g. alternative methods of treatment or on various apparitions, which their propagators consider to be unshakeable and orthodox, while the others take them for naive and demagogical. However, in reality, these critics base their opinions on theological views, which are read out of context and show little respect for scientific knowledge from other fields of science, which are related to them.

Today we take smiling the opinion, which says that the Sun orbits the Earth but in the Middle Ages opinion opposite to this represented reason for burning its propagator at the stake. Similarly, nowadays are also propagated in good faith light-headed and naive opinions and their opponents are also in danger that will be ’’burnt to death”. For further positive development Christ’s words that the Truth will set us free must be sincerely accepted.

In this section we will study special phenomena on which people have diverse and conflicting views. These phenomena concern not only theology but on many occasions it is necessary to search for right standpoint particularly in biophysics, medicine, chemistry, physics, psychology and philosophy, because in these fields of science exists order coming from God and God wants us to know and apply it in our lives.

František Mráček (born 12. 4. 1934) had finished the study at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University of Prague in subject The Theoretical Physics and achieved the degree Doctor of Natural Sciences. Further he graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague in the specialisation The Precise Mechanics and Optics and became mechanical engineer.

The scientific degree CSc. he gained for long-time research into the transmission of picture to cerebral centre via the depicting chain. With the help of experiments he had described mathematically some dependency during the transformation of picture on the eye retina, which enabled to comprehend better the transmission of picture by means of human eye.

He was granted more than 30 patents for inventions with worldwide priority.
He had constructed new optical technologies, which made possible the improvement of
the quality of film, television, lighting and laser systems.
From his youth he has been occupying himself with determinateness and free will of man and the influence of the physical effect on man.

(Articles in section “The Study of Special Phenomena” can be further published without limitations together with giving name of their author and the source: František Mráček,


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