During apparitions, manifestations and visions one goes through the state of ecstasy. We are going to describe some types of ecstasy.

Natural Ecstasy

This type of ecstasy involves a deep interest leading to concentration enfeebling man’s perception of the world around him.


It is a psychological process caused by man. The individual’s natural talents help him to achieve the state of ecstasy.


Artistic, scientific, religious (originating from faith)

Supernatural ecstasy

Supernatural ecstasy means infused observation during which suppression of sensorial perceptivity of the surrounding world may occur, or such a state as physical stiffening. Both of these elements are secondary; primary is the observation itself. 


Positive ecstasy means mystical (instilled or infused) observation caused by God’s activity.
Negative ecstasy means observation caused by an evil spirit, drug or pathological mental state (especially in psychologically sensitive people), as a consequence of exercise (Buddhism, Hinduism) or as the case may be by the influence of passionate agitation or intoxication.

Effects during positive ecstasy:

The ecstatic cannot leave his state at will (only by order of the superior). He can neither move nor express himself in some other way - at least not voluntarily (this also concerns oral prayers, which he cannot say at will). He cannot occupy himself with anything else but what was given to him in ecstasy by God.

Causes of connection and non-perception during ecstasy:

A person’s senses are connected with reason and will. During positive ecstasy caused by God, reason and will cannot occupy themselves with anything else but what God presents to them and therefore the senses lose their perceptivity.

Criteria of supernatural ecstasy:

Signs of positive ecstasy: 

- Great enrichment of spiritual life
- Regular and well-ordered life
- Perseverance in doing one’s duties
- Selflessness and readiness to asceticism
- Growth in virtues and in loving one’s neighbours

Signs of negative ecstasy: 

- Arbitrariness of the origin of ecstasy (ecstatic enters the state of ecstasy whenever he wants)
- Ecstasy is often without logical sense
- Lack of modesty
- Occurrence of ecstasy in case of “beginners” in spiritual life


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