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Why Does a Person Come to Believe Inauthentic Apparitions?

For this there exist several reasons. On the one hand he notices that for some time something exceptional has been happening to him and these mental states do not seem to him to be hallucinations. He feels that he is completely normal after apparitions. Even though he occasionally experiences uncertainty, he has the impression that he is experiencing interesting states. He realises that some pieces of information from the apparition are probably good, because they are not in contradiction with contemporary theological opinions, which strengthens his belief in their authenticity. 

Then the visionary will come into contact with people and will tell them about his experience. And people, especially those who are inquisitive and are interested in the sensational will immediately respond to this with interest, which will flatter the aforesaid person and with the participation of these people, further apparitions will occur. These apparitions are almost always realised “to order”, for instance, during a pre-arranged meeting or after common prayer.

Events surrounding the visionary begin to spread further, with more people taking part in them, and the aforesaid person becomes the centre of attention, which pleases him. He realises the importance of his position and even though some people are sceptical about it, others, finally, strengthen his belief in the authenticity of the apparitions. Subconsciously, the visionary is aware that now he cannot be doubtful about the authenticity of apparition. Since he keeps on praying, his spiritual power becomes stronger and he uses it for promoting his ideas and impressions. He begins to get the impression that has been chosen for spiritual revival. He loses the ability to change his mind and even begins to criticise the ecclesiastical dignitaries who do not accept him.


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