Cosmic Energy

    Many teachings about cure are based on hypothesis of some cosmic energy. In the article it is shown that this signifies either suggestive healer´s operating or autosuggestive operation of person under treatment. Further it is shown that positive operating from „cosmos“ is possible to explain only in the connection with real God.
     In recent years cosmic energy has been discussed in our country; the energy which cures human body and soul; which is sign of some up to now unknown source; has greater intelligence than man and looks as if brought explanation of many unravelled phenomena.

     Publications, dealing with this subject, could not be issued in totality and therefore for some people have become catchy now. They have got the impression that so far an undisclosed and attractive sphere has opened for them and, moreover, they also have got the impression that information from these publications represent hardly any demands, orders, asceticism and sacrifices for them. These information offer ideology and exercises which, as it seems, bring positive effect and consequently confirm assumptions about some cosmic energy, and in case one does not accept them, no sanctions threaten him, e. g. his condemnation after death. How should an ordinary man view such information?

     It is stated in these publications that so-called “cosmic energy” heals man because it produces physical effect on body and heals soul because it harmonizes mental state. Then, let us think about the possibility of existence of such energy and its cause and reason.

     In the first place it is necessary to draw attention to the fact that the word “energy” is purely a physical concept, no matter whether its form is material form or the form of field. The physical energy can spread at the very most at velocity of light. At the end of the second millenium this concept of cosmic energy became popular among wide masses of people. However, physical energy (material, field, elementary particle) is unable “to think the things over” and “to draw logical conclusions”, but it operates completely deterministically, that means operates in such way as it was “by somebody” directed. But it is not known any indication, however small it may be that physical energy would interact with soul. Moreover, even if it were possible to call here healing cosmic energy and it would spread at the highest possible speed, that is at velocity of light, it would get on Earth at the soonest, within several minutes or hours. It would be appropriate not to use this concept “cosmic energy” for these phenomena we judge, but to prefer to talk in a more generally hypothetical way about some cosmic power which spreads immediately and therefore independently of time and space.

     Further, it is necessary to say that the concept “cosmic energy”, which comes out from so far unknown source, is only hypothesis, which is to explain certain provable phenomena. Theoretically three possibilities of such energy’s sources could be involved.

     On the one hand, it could be energy able to think logically, which is, from the point of view of hitherto known scientific knowledge, nonsense.

     Or, on the other hand, the source of such energy, called by healer or by person under treatment, is extraterrestrial and thinking and intelligent being. But till now it has not appeared to be apparent that such being exists, except for Christian God or God of the Old Testament, good and wicked angels included. Into this group we could also place other monotheistic religions, in which would be equally implicitly concrete corresponding god. But, we cannot place clay idols from the time of the Old Testament there because these did not communicate with people.

     The third possibility of the existence of “cosmic energy” source could be man, as the only thinking and intelligent being on earth. And here we have two possibilities again: the source of “cosmic energy” is either person carrying out process of healing or person who heals himself without realizing that he himself produces this energy. Now let us give greater attention to the last case, in which the source of “cosmic energy” is man. Let us consider both stated alternatives.

     In the first case it is healer who mediates “cosmic energy” to person who is under treatment. We showed that although the source of this energy could be concrete god or angel, healer supporting the idea of existence of “cosmic energy” does not turn his attention to him. There could happen only such a case, when healer, who did not find God without his own fault and takes pains to do good, approaches some unknown spiritual being with request for help and really existing God would help him. Otherwise, and such case happens most frequently, the source of “cosmic energy” would have to be healer himself.

     Then, it can be case of energy, which is not spiritual, produced by healer through biological principle, when bioenergetic field on man - especially close to his limbs produces his effect on person under treatment (here please note: this case is not reiki) and this way curative effect is achieved.

     Or, it is case of healer’s psychic effect on man who is treated. At this place person under treatment can be influenced on the one hand by actual contents of healer’s words and further by the energy which operates during thoughts’ transfer from healer and influences psychic state of man under treatment through brain and nervous system, which can produce calming process and process of recovery. In this connection we can also talk about suggestive operating. At the same time healer, who is not aware of these two aspects, but achieves certain effects can assume that gains for man certain “cosmic energy”.

     In other case the source of “cosmic energy” is just person under treatment himself. Without being aware of it he himself is healer for himself because while practising recommended exercises, he calms down and recovers through this way and therefore he can accept hypothesis that this process leading to recovery was caused by operating of a certain “cosmic energy”. Why is positive effect really achieved in case person under treatment operates on himself when any logically thinking cosmic energy does not exist?

     The thing is that during curative operations is usually done breathing and use of certain procedures creates effort for calming down. It is apparent that during these exercises blood is oxidized by execution of right and deep breathing which leads to sense of freshness. Further, man tries to calm mind and keep body in certain position by which he probably recreates his nervous system because during the process of calming the dipole energetic moments of cells arrange themselves into the same direction fortifying by this the overall field of organism. It takes place during excitement, to the contrary, disturbance of directions of dipole moments and weakening of overall field, which supports development of disease. Both these influences, biological and psychic, surely foster mental and physical health.

     With respect to mentioned reflections it is apparent, that the theory about some “cosmic energy” from up to now unknown source is hypothesis, which can not be supported at all. But provable effects in these connections have already been possible to explain according to present knowledge in a completely simple acceptable way and therefore it is not necessary to create hypothesis about some acting and thinking “cosmic energy”. By this explanation, however, it is, of course, supressed the charm of mysteriousness, which can be for some people disappointment and can worsen conditions for autosuggestion.

     As far as certain kind of Eastern yoga is concerned, concentrated on healing, then it is necessary to make difference between two aspects: physical and mental.

     During gymnastic exercises muscles stretch and relax and certain posture is achieved, which is useful activity and therefore one cannot have any objections against it.

     As far as mental ideas during these exercises are concerned, especially those, which evoke ideas of man’s accepting of “cosmic energy”, they are faulty illusion because man sets his hopes on something which does not exist and by this ignores real God who is the sole source of healing through natural and supernatural order and has put into our minds how to arrange it. When man believes in non-existent “cosmic energy” he automatically expulses himself from Christian community. But if man without his own fault has not found God yet, and he naturally strives for good, he can from God’s love improve his state of health in spiritual way, however the source of his curing is God who is again unknown for him but who does exist. In this sense Eastern yoga, which does not know concrete god, brings contribution, but for Christian believer means step backwards.

     Therefore, believer, who wants to be cured like this, can imagine in accordance with truth while doing these exercises that accepts spiritual strength from real God who, as the only one in the world can always and truly cure his body and soul and this on the one hand through natural order which He created or, on the other hand, as the case may be - through spiritual manner, too. And this healing caused by God in spiritual way will be reached only in case, it is not harmful for salvation of man. Then such exercise is completely unharmful, useful and true and everybody should do it and thank God for this gift.

František Mráček


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